Kenny Cordova


Im like to design!. Even more the commercial design. I understand the commercial design, as that work that is capable of communicating of " simple and effective " way the information - or strategy - of a Company or Entity (of the índole that should be). And this approach of my work.

Im an experienced(10 years) designer Corporate Identity (logo-brand) and Material Branding (Ad, Brochure, Flyers, label, etc.). He worked for major corporations in Bolivia (where I live now) as to be an important channel of TV's leading Bolivia (UNITEL), and a recognized industry. Also did work for all kinds of international businesses.

My way of working is via Web. The coordination and planning of projects to do what I do for Skype, Messenger-Chat, or other one who considers the client
I have an experience of working in this way for more than 4 years.
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Diseñador con experiencia en diseño de logotipos, brochure y material corporativo.